The ultrasound – 17 February 2012 – 20 weeks

The day that we have been waiting for since the beginning has arrived.  Today we find out whether Jay and Em are expecting a little boy or girl.  They have been discussing names and have chosen Baby C for a boy and Baby M for a girl.  Em is convinced it is a boy and has even bought blue booties, so confident is he in his feelings.  Jay is convinced it is a girl.

I meet Jay and Em at the hospital.  We are all shown through to the ultrasound room and Jay lies down on the bed.  Em is sitting close to Jay’s head and I am next to her feet.  The sonographer is lovely – very chatty.  Suddenly the baby appears on the screen.  It has grown so much since I last saw it at 7 weeks!  It looks like a perfectly formed baby now.

 “Pretty much everything has developed now,” the sonographer explains, “it just has to mature and lay it’s fat stores.”  I think it just looks just perfect.

“So, do you want to know the sex of the baby?”  Jay nods.

“I already knows what it is,” Em says.

I smile.  The sonographer sets about checking everything – the brain, the heart, the kidneys, the spine, all its bones, the palate.  “So, are you ready to know what it is.”  Jay hasn’t heard the question.

“No,” she says.  The sonographer immediately moves the screen.  I’m confused.

“Are you sure you don’t want to know?” I say.  Jay looks at me.  “You don’t want to know the sex of the baby?”

“What?  No, I do, I do.”  We all laugh.

“Well, congratulations, you are most definitely having a boy.”

“I knew it,” Em says.

“Really?  A boy?” I note a slight tone of disappointment in Jay’s voice.

“Are you disappointed Angel?”

“No, just surprised.”  But I suspect my ever-so girly-girl is a teensy bit disappointed she isn’t going to be able to play dress up with her little offspring.  “So it’s Baby C.”  And suddenly, right then, “the baby” becomes a little person.  Baby C has truly entered the family.

Baby C – Oh yeah!

We quickly all grab our phones and send texts.  It’s a boy!  All of our phones immediately start buzzing.  I take some photos of the screen and immediately upload them to facebook – This is my grandson.  I am so proud right now.  I have a grandson on the way!

I wonder how Dee is feeling.  How is JC going to take it?  He was particular that he didn’t want it to be a boy.  Oh the joys of autism!

No matter what though, it is all good, I’m having a grandson!!


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