Even grandma needs a sick day – Friday 6 April – 26 weeks and 6 days

I wake up at 3am with searing pain in my chest.  I immediately know what it is and pray that I don’t have to be carted off to hospital.

I drag myself out of bed and take a Somac, two panadeine fortes and a gulp of Mylanta.  I return to bed and lie flat on my back.  The pain is excruciating.  I close my eyes and breathe slowly.

In … Out … In … Out … In … Out …

After a half an hour or so, the pain subsides to a mild burn and I am able to fall into a fitful sleep.

I wake up with the pain still there.

I roll over to see if a different position will help.  It doesn’t.  I get up and take the same medications again.  I lie back down.

I grab my phone and text Jay.  Good morning love, how are you this morning?

My phone buzzes almost immediately.  I’m alright.  I had some pains this morning.  What time are you coming in today?

I’ll be in a little later.  I had some of those gastric pains at 3am this morning and am still in a bit of pain.  I’ve just taken some more tablets so hopefully they will kick in soon.  I’ll try to be there between 11 and 12, earlier if the pain gets better.  It is 8am.

I get up and have a shower.  By the time I am done, I am not feeling at all well.  I tell Dee that I am feeling very nauseous and light headed.  I tend to react to medication in this manner.  I just need to lie down for a bit.

3 hours pass and I am still woman-down on the settee.  I have not moved.  I wake up.  Dee tells me that Tee has phoned and is with Jay and not to worry about coming in.  I couldn’t if I wanted to.  I feel just too ill.

I fall back into a deep sleep.  Another three hours pass.  My phone buzzes.  Hi Mum, how are you?  Tee and Em just got here.

I’m still feeling very sick and whoosy.  I hope I feel better soon.  I miss you.

This is ridiculous.  I read the side effects of Panadeine Forte to check I am not having some major reaction.  I read something that alarms me.  I text Jay.  Have just been reading the side effects of panadeine forte and it says “do not take panadeine forte if you are in labour, especially if the baby is premature.”

Jay: Are you serious?  Then why are they giving me panadeine forte?  I am having contractions.

Me: According to the pamphlet, it can cause drug withdrawal symptoms in the newborn baby.  Also, you shouldn’t use them whilst breastfeeding.

Jay: OMG then why on earth are they giving them to me!!  I mean they want to give them to me every time I have pains.  I understand that its not always labour, but if I was, then that’s not good at all.

 Me: I know, maybe speak to them about it.  I’m not sure what time I’m going to make it in.  I’m still so dizzy and feel very sick when I stand up.

Jay: Don’t worry about it, Mum, you just take care.

I fall back into another deep sleep.  Another three hours pass and I wake up feeling a lot better.  I am relieved I have an appointment at the specialist this week.  I phone Jay.

“How has your day been?  I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you today darling.”

“That’s okay Mum.   Tee and Em have been here, plus Grannie and Granddad came to see me.  Granddad bought me some pies.”  I laugh. Pies are Jay’s current craving.  “I had some contractions, but nothing major.  My mucous plug has come away though.”

“Really, what does that mean for you, love?  Did they say?”

“They said that basically it is the start of going into labour although I am not in labour yet.  I don’t think it will be much longer.”

“Well, just keep him in there until I can get in there okay?”

We laugh and sign off.  I am relieved that Baby C has decided not to make his appearance today.  I decide not to take panadeine forte until after the baby is born.

Another day has passed and I am glad, although I know that it is frustrating for Jay. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow.


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