False alarm number 3 – Thursday 5 April – 26 weeks and 5 days

I am lying in bed when Jay gives me a call.  “How are you Mum?  What are you doing?”

“Just in bed angel.  I’m getting up now and will be over soon.”

I get out of bed and get into the shower.  My phone rings again.  I am alert, listening out for any sign that Jay might be going into labour.  I dash out of the shower and grab my phone.  It is Jay.  “Hello?”

“Mum, I’m having quite bad pain and contractions.  They are monitoring me but I might be going to the birthing suite.”  I’m back in the shower frantically trying to get my body washed whilst still on the phone.  “Mum, I think you better get here.”

“I’m on my way.”  I throw my phone on the counter and quickly finish up in the shower.  I rush to get dressed, make JC his breakfast, and head out the door.  I phone Dee from the car.  “Hi, can you phone your dad to get JC some lunch.  Jay is having bad contractions again.  I’m going to stay with her until we know what is happening.”  Dee agrees.

I rush into the hospital and get caught behind what feels like every geriatric person visiting the hospital that day.  I try to remain calm.  My phone buzzes.  It’s Tee.  Don’t worry, I am here.  Jay is calm.  Thank goodness.

I make it to the ward after what feels like an eon.  Jay is clearly in a lot of pain.  I make my way to her through the entourage of people around her and kiss her forehead.  “Are you very sore?” I ask.

She nods.  She is breathing through a contraction.  The midwife fills me in.  “Jay has been contracting all morning.  They are stronger but still irregular so we don’t think she is in full blown labour.  The doctor from the birthing suite is going to come over to examine her because they don’t want to move her back and forth too much.  We are giving her panadeine forte for the pain.”

I am relieved to hear that it isn’t full blown labour, but I don’t think Jay shares my sentiments.  She looks tired from being in pain all morning.

A lady by the name of Linda arrives.  She is meant to be giving Jay and Em a talk on special needs labour and babies, but Jay cannot concentrate due to being in so much pain.  Linda responds by just talking to Jay and Em about what to expect during the birth and by sending Em downstairs for a heat pack.  “Heat packs are wonderful at relaxing the uterus because it is such a big muscle.”  Who knew? Linda is upbeat, positive.  I like her a lot.

Em returns with the heat pack and Jay is relieved with the warmth.  Linda feels that Jay is threatening to go into full blown labour and walks off tell the doctors.

The obstetrician from the birthing suite arrives.  She examines Jay and indicates that she doesn’t think that Jay is in labour.  They check her cervix just to be sure – still 2cm.  They diagnose an irritable uterus.  Jay looks at me with confusion.  “I’m going to get you to take some diazepam.  It will make you very sleepy, but it also has the effect of relaxing your uterus, which is a smooth muscle.

They all leave and Jay turns to me with tears in her eyes.  “Does anyone know what is going on?  Why am I here?  I’m not going to have the baby now, it makes no sense to keep me here.”   She is tired and frustrated.  She looks so young to me now.

I stroke her hair.  Alex, the midwife returns to give Jay her diazepam.  She takes it, still in a lot of pain.  It doesn’t take long for the drug to do its thing.  Jay becomes very sleepy and slurs her words.  She makes Em and I laugh because she is saying she doesn’t want to sleep because she wants her lunch, but she cannot keep her eyes open.  Em orders her to sleep and I promise to make sure her lunch is waiting for her when she wakes up.

Jay falls asleep and I tell Em to take a break.  I am tired myself, so am happy to stay with Jay and put my head back for a bit.  He is relieved to be able to get outside.  I place my head on the bed next to Jay’s head.  It isn’t long before sleep takes me to dreamland.  I suddenly feel someone stroking my arm.  “Sarah?”  I wake up with a start.  It is Alex, the midwife.  “Here is another chair for you so you can lie down, and a blanket.”  Bless Alex and her good heart.  I lift my feet and cover my body and fall back to sleep.

Jay and I sleep for a good couple of hours.  The roller coaster is really taking its toll on us.  More Jay, of course, but I have to acknowledge that I am feeling stressed.  It constantly feels like we are waiting for an axe to fall.

Tee arrives back on the ward after her shift.  Jay is feeling a lot better.  The pains have subsided and she is in better spirits.  Tee takes her lunch to heat it up.  I say that I will stay until later tonight, to make sure Jay is settled and no longer in danger of going into labour.

At 8pm I decide to leave.  I am tired from such a threatening day.   Thankfully, the journey home is not too stressful.

I curl up on the sofa at home, exhausted.  “Curry for dinner tonight, love.”  My wonderful man has made dinner again.  I love him so much.

Another day has passed and Baby C is still in utero.  Despite the events, it has been a victorious day.




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