Ramblings: {Note to self: Be kind, help make the world a better place}

As a writer and blogger, there are numerous things that go on inside my head that spawn as ideas for posts to send out into the world.  And then, sometimes, nothing comes.

Today was one of those times.

Until I opened my email to find an email from the indomitable Alexandra Franzen.  Contained within that email was a link to this.  Do yourself a favour, please do read it.

It made me think a lot about what I want to put out into the world.

I’m not a massive one on hero worship.  I find that the world has gone a little crazy with putting people on pedestals.  People seem to be forgetting how amazing they themselves are, in favour of wanting to live and be like someone else.

But I admire Alexandra so much.  She has no idea who I am and it is unlikely she ever will.  That is okay.  What I admire is the message she sends out through her blog and her business.  It is simply riddled with kindness.  She is in the business of building people up, and she encourages you to do the same.  How you do that is up to you, but the message is clear, kindness is the only way forward.


I read her work and it inspires me to do better, to be better.

What do I want my blog to represent?  Kindness, for sure.  Pure kindness.  There are enough people tearing each other down without me adding to the fray.  I also want to encourage people to see the value in themselves.  Yes, that means you.  It is why I started the “Tell Your Story 101″ series.  Because, you know, you matter and people should know that.

It is absolutely a great thing to admire someone and to take qualities that you like and want to apply them to your own life.  But it is important to remember that your life, and how you live it, is just as valuable, just as valid, as the way they live theirs.  Remember that.  You don’t need their life.  You cannot live their life.  Sure, they may have fame and fortune (or not), but you too have an amazing gift to give the world.  Your place in this crazy world is an amazing thing.  I believe that and I want you to believe it too.  And if you don’t, then, my friend, I am going to do my damndest to help you see it.

I just wanted you to know that.

Plus,  I made you this.  Because, truly, you are worth it.

Have a lovely day,

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6 thoughts on “Ramblings: {Note to self: Be kind, help make the world a better place}

  1. You know what struck me about your link here – tell them what you think, instead of asking what they think. In my emails, I’m always like “let me know what you think”, I reckon I say it in every email and text I send. I’ve always thought it was a considerate thing, showing that I wanted to take into account their view. But saying, this is what I think, if you agree say yes….well I’ve never thought of that before. It;s sort of tiny and sort of huge at the same time! x


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