I’m Curious…Do you make films?

Do you make films?  I’m not a natural photographer or film maker.  I find the whole thing of carrying a camera and taking photos or video a little intimidating.  I didn’t used to.  There was a time when I joined the merry throng of parental film makers avidly taking footage of our wee ones singing, or dancing, or jumping, or having a tantrum, as you do.

But my kids have long since grown up.  My 16 year old would rather gouge his eyes out than have me take a movie of him and my daughter has flown the nest.  There doesn’t seem to be much reason to take movies.  Which is sad, because documenting life is so very worth it.

Recently, I watched a mastercass over at Kidspot.  Tahnee from Milk Please Mum inspired me to consider making movies again.  I made this one for my mom just before she died a few years ago.  She loved it and I loved how it made her feel, knowing that she was so loved and that her selflessness was so appreciated.

Despite it being only a couple of weeks before she died, and being an event that happened only because she was going to die, this is still a very endearing memory of her for me.  I watch it, tinged with sadness, yes, but also with such pride.  That there is my mom.  Shaving her head for charity so that a little girl may live a better life, long after mom has died.  And I captured it on film.

It was the last one I made.  It was also the last gift I ever gave her.

That, my friends, is the value of film making.  It may not be artistic, or beautiful, a true home video really, but it is real, and priceless.

By the way, the song, I am Woman, was mom’s favourite song.  She and my aunt made it their anthem and they passed it on to us girls. Now, when us girl cousins get together we belt it out like there is no tomorrow.  It was sung at mom’s funeral as her casket was being carried down the aisle.  She also insisted no-one wear black.  That was mom for you.

I am woman, hear me roar!

Thank you very much Tahnee for inspiring me to bring this out into the open and to pick up my camera again.

I encourage you to do the same, my friends.  You never know when you’ll need them for memories or for comfort.  Besides, they are really fun to do.

From my heart to yours,

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