An Open Letter To Tony Abbott


Dear Tony,

You don’t mind if I call you Tony do you?

You and I need to talk. Seriously.

What is going on? What is it that you are hoping to achieve by all these things that you keep doing and saying? I am genuinely curious to know.

I am a fairly political person. It’s true, I do have opinions. But on the whole, I believe that, in a truly democratic country, the good people will vote, and a country will correct itself and thrive. I have faith in the system. And so I keep my opinions to myself.  Well, I may include a few family and friends (sorry guys).

However, this latest gaff, Tony, I cannot leave to rest.

What were you thinking? By saying that Australia was unsettled before the British came, do you truly believe that you are doing Australia any favours? Do you think that comments like that will instil faith for foreign investors to come to our shores? Sure, there may be some xenophobic, sexist, billionaires who feel that their money would be well placed within our boat-returning un-humanitarian borders, but on the whole, Tony, I’m guessing you haven’t noticed, as a nation, and indeed as a species, we are evolving.

People are making fun of you, Tony. And we, as a country are being tainted by association. Comedy shows are making money from the numerous gaffs you keep making. More so, I believe, than George Bush in his day. In fact, comparisons are being made.

Is this how you want to be remembered Tony? Is this the legacy you truly wish to leave for your country? Or even for your family? All in the name of the few big money spenders that worked damn hard to put you in power for their own gains (and yes, Murdoch, I am talking about you)?

Every day another thing lands in my inbox, every day another monumental embarrassment. What will it take Tony, for you to wake up to the harm that you are causing our great country? The days of white supremacy, my friend, of white male dominated, male driven capitalism is on its way out. Your ideals, along with your party’s and those that support you, are no longer valid. Like the dinosaur, they are old, and ready for extinction. You are completely out of touch.

There is an entire generation coming up the ranks that knows that neo-liberal individualistic supremacy is no longer the way forward, if indeed it ever was.  Rather than pave the way for them, Tony, you are building a brick wall, setting us back years. In the 10 months you have been in power you have caused more damage for our country than, I believe, any prime minister in our history.

Your popularity in the polls have proven that. And they do count, Tony, those polls. Even if they move every day and are subject to what is going on in the press that day, they very much do count. If I was you, my friend, I would be paying very close attention.

The good news is, Tony, you have time. All those carefully worded, evasive promises you broke, all the damage that you have done in such a short time, you can put them right. It has only been 10 months. You have another two years to turn things around. You can add to this country, rather than subtract from it. You can be remembered as the PM that lost his way in the beginning, but ended up doing magnificent things for our country.

Are you up for the challenge Tony? Are you?

What is it you want for Australia Tony? Is it a country that is considered on the international stage a complete laughing stock; a country that still refuses to recognise its oldest peoples; a country that despite its bounty is happy to see men, women and babies die at sea; a country that refuses to look after its elderly, or educate its children, or take care of its sick; a country that plonks its head in the sand about the globally accepted phenomenon of climate change?

I am a lowly housewife, mother and grandmother. I form part of the middle income bracket. I pay my taxes and I do not receive any benefits. I am fortunate enough that I do not need them. I guess I should be supporting you to maintain the status quo. But I can’t, Tony.

What you are doing is suffocating our country. You are building a road made of straw for us and once you have left, the devastation you will have left behind will be felt for generations to come.

It doesn’t take much to be a decent human being. You have time to be decent Tony.

Do the right thing. Do the right thing by ALL your people, not just those that pay the most money to keep you in power. Let go of your antiquated ideals and SEE your people. Connect WITH them. Fight FOR them.

Can you do that Tony?

If you need some advice, feel free to give me a call.

Your concerned citizen,

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