The world needs Kindness Bombs + I need your help to do it

First of all, let me preface this with there has no thought been put into this.  No planning, no meetings, no marketing, no launch.

I just woke up this morning with an idea.  And I’m a shoot from the hip kind of girl.  I should probably wait, if for no other reason than I have maybe 30 readers of my blog.  A wise girl might wait for the impact to be bigger when greater numbers have built.  A wise girl might.

But if not now, when, and truly when is really a good time anyway?

So, here goes.

The world is messed up, right?  No matter where we go there is media coverage of some awful things.  Death, destruction and madness everywhere. No matter where we look we are bombarded with images of how mankind has lost its humankind.

I call bullshit to that.

I say that there is kindness out there, but we aren’t getting to see it.

I say that all we need to do is become aware of it and then let other people know about it, so that they can see it too.

I say we encourage people to find the kindness and be the kindness.

I say we unleash a torrent of almighty KINDNESS BOMBS

Like I said, no thought, just a dream.  A dream for a world that can see value in its own kind.  A dream for a world that can find the kindness and be the kindness.

So here is the plan:

I want to hear all about your kindness experience.  I want to hear about people who have been kind to you, people who are kind in the community, people who don’t know they are being kind.

I want to hear how you are being kind – to yourself, to others, to the environment, to the world.

I want you to make memes about kindness.

I want to hear about poems of kindness, quotes of kindness, blogs on kindness, companies that are kind.

Remember, ANY kindness thing counts.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be huge.  Even the small things count.

Your baby stops to help an ant off the path before being crushed to death – that counts.

Your son puts the eggs away after your shopping – yep, that counts.

The bus driver stops for an old lady to get on when she has clearly missed the bus – that’s actually huge, that definitely counts.

In short, I want you to plaster kindness every-bloody-where and then I want you to let me know about it.

How can you let me know about it?

By using this hashtag on IG and Twitter and anywhere else you fancy:



Tag me in so I can see what you are doing:

Twitter: @sarahheartwrite (note there are no S’s due to the limit on characters)

Instagram: @sarahsheartwrites

Pinterest: @sarahheartwrite (again no S’s)

Facebook: Sarah’s Heart Writes

Now, I have to admit right off the bat I’m pretty weak in the social media department.  Facebook and pinning loads of stuff to pinterest is about my limit.  But I’m willing to learn.  For this, I am so willing to learn.

And for added ease, you can make really cool memes using the amazing, incredible app called Word Swag App (#WordSwagApp).  I only started using it a couple of days ago and I am already a massive fan.  I’ve been sending Mr C little love notes like this one, which is an Edward quote from the Twilight movie:


Are you in?  I’ll start the ball rolling.

Here is a meme on kindness – feel free to share:


Now it’s over to you – Kindness Bomb away!

Yours in kindness,

SHW Signature


2 thoughts on “The world needs Kindness Bombs + I need your help to do it

  1. My friend picks me up and helps me do my shopping, even carrying it up my stairs. She is always, always available to me, listens to my moans and encourages me. She brings us meals, cakes and baking at the very moment when we really feel like we are going to fall apart. Being with her is like putting on a warm comfy jumper. I don’t need to suck in my tummy. I don’t need to plaster on a smile. I can just be. There, and she’s with me. ❤


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