One Word Wednesday {Serenity}

This little prayer has saved me.  Many times.

It reminds us that we are not always in control.  That many things happen to us in the course of a day that we are not able to manipulate to our bidding and that, simply, we should just let them go.

As a recovering alcoholic, this prayer is vital to my daily routine.

I forget, obviously, to remind myself.  To take that deep breath, close my eyes, and to let it go.  I forget to remember that I am not in control.  My stomach contorts, and I get frustrated and I stand on the precipice of that abyss.

And just when I am about to jump in, I remember.

I breathe in – Grant me the SERENITY

I breathe out – To ACCEPT the things I cannot change

I breathe in – To change the things I can

I breathe out – and the WISDOM to know the difference.

That is all I need and peace of mind is once again restored.

I hope it brings you some peace as well.

Much love,

SHW Signature


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