Thankful Thursday {Choosing Gratitude}

I think it is safe to say that I have been having a pity party this week.

I’ve been feeling extremely sorry for myself.

I’ve been looking at myself and lamenting all the things that are wrong with me – my baldness, my obesity, my crappy nails, my crappy feet.  You know, that systematic attack us women do on each and every part of our body.

Then two things happened.

I read this post from the beautiful Rachel over at The Chronic Ills of Rach

And I read this post from That Summer Feeling.

I know that this depression thing totally sucks.  That there are times when living life on its own fucking terms doesn’t seem to work.  I know that looking at myself and systematically denigrating all that I am is just a manifestation of the toxic ball of shit that I feel inside.  I know this.

And it is because I know this that when I read those posts I could step outside of myself for just a little bit.  It is because of this, I could choose to work on something that wasn’t about me.  It is because of this knowledge that I strive each and every single day to live a life that is better than the day before it.  It is because of this that I want to BE better.  It is because of this that I WILL be better.  It is because of this that I don’t want to take the life I have for granted.

How grateful I am to be living in a time and place where I can connect with such incredible beings who live thousands of kilometres away, who inspire me so much.

How grateful I am to be sober, to be working on myself each and every day so that I can be more present for my family, so that I can work towards living my best life.

How grateful I am to live in a time where the quality of wigs are so incredible that no-one knows I am wearing one unless I tell them.

How grateful I am to be able to create, to be able to contribute some goodness to this world, rather than take away from it.

How grateful I am to be alive, right here, right now, in this moment, talking to you, telling you my story.

How grateful I am that you are reading my story.

Today, this Thursday, I am simply grateful.

Much love,

SHW Signature


6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday {Choosing Gratitude}

  1. Such a beautiful post Sarah. Gratitude is a bit of a woo-woo concept at times but it really does help to count your blessings, morning and night. In those blessings is where you will find glimpses of peace.


  2. You are a beautiful creature, Sarah! There are so many things to be thankful for this Thursday 🙂 I’m lying here listening to our cleaner fix our family bathroom. There is no thankfulness quite like that! Ahhhh! The only thing better would be being able to do it myself. But hey, if you gotta give up some shit, let it be cleaning the shit … hey! 😛


  3. I’m grateful too Sarah, for you and your words, your determination and honesty, and for the lovely Rachel & Michelle who I see have already shared some love with you here… we are just a handful of so, so many people who are doing their little bit, being positive and grateful and striving towards good in life. We may not be the ones the media focuses on – their loss – but we are many, and I truly believe we are MIGHTY. xx


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