I see you Lollipop Man, through my window.

I see your wisened, withered frame, always wearing the same clothes.  A uniform you wear with pride.

I see you stride with confidence into the middle of the road, to halt traffic, to ensure safe passage.

I see you look at me, time and again.  Smile.  Nod.  A knowing between you and I.

I see you talk to the children.

I see you see them.

I see them not see you.

I see your soft dewy eyes, a life lived; not over yet.

I see you chat to Joe when he gets to the lights.  “How’s your mum, Joe?”  A shrug.

I see the worry.

I see the care.

I see you shiver in winter’s chill.

I see you sweat in summer’s smothering heat.

I see your commitment, pride, compassion, kindness.

I see you wave at me as the lights turn green.

I see you Lollipop Man.  I see you.


Until next time,

SHW Signature


2 thoughts on “THE LOLLIPOP MAN

  1. You have summed up exactly how I feel about lollipop people Sarah. I was thinking just the other day, I feel ashamed that I was dismissive of our elderly bus driver when I was a teenager catching the school bus home.
    I smile at the lollipop ladies and gents when I’m on my way to work.


    1. Hey Natasha. Those lollipop people certainly deserve a tip of our hats I think! I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself about being a teenager and ignoring your bus driver. It’s good that you honour them now, in adult hood. As teenagers we are more focussed on ourselves. xx


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