Well hello there,

As you can see by the title of this post, Wednesdays will now be known as Weightloss Wednesday.  It is where I will talk about my journey to health through the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Challenge.  Her system has come under some fire I know, but honestly, all the research I have done (and believe me with a 30 year dieting history I have done a massive amount of research!) has led me to believe the stark reality is that 80 years ago people simply ate less and moved more.  They didn’t worry themselves about cutting out food groups or sticking to regimes.  They literally ate less and, because automation of society hadn’t reached the pinnacle it has today, they had to move more.  A lot more.

And so I came to the decision that I needed to do the same – at around midnight last night.

It is true that my weightloss efforts have been somewhat frenetic, disjointed, and yes, inconsistent.  But it is perseverance and never giving up that counts, don’t you agree?

Eat less, move more.  My new mantra.  A simple mantra on paper….

To keep myself accountable I made this video.  Don’t laugh and no judgement!  Also, please forgive the quality – it’s my first time and I’m still figuring it all out.

Much love until next time,

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  1. Great video Sarah. I started my weight loss last week so I’ll be there with you. I think you’re right and that women should be accepted as they are, but for me it was to do with how I felt. Just 10 days in (I’m not doing the same course) and I already feel better and am sleeping better, which means more energy for me, my kids and for life in general. Lets do it!!


  2. Sarah,

    Hooray for you!! What courage you have to be so vulnerable with your intent. I wish you daily success. You deserve it.

    Isn’t it amazing how as young girls (and even as older girls) we will let ourselves be negatively influenced by a boy/man’s opinion? I’ve often asked myself “What’s up with that?”. It’s serious stuff tho, as it chips at your self esteem.

    Congratulations on your sobriety and your mantra of “one day at a time”. I sense a good run at this new attempt. Will be thinking of you and sending your encouraging thoughts.



    1. Thank you Joan for stopping by and your comment. Yes, we are so vulnerable and impressionable as young girls and it does influence so much, often negatively. But the good thing is we have the capacity to change it.


  3. Go Sarah !! Love your honesty and braveness in your video. The once a week check in is a brilliant idea. I will need some fitness / weight loss inspiration when I’m back from holidays in a week so I will definately join you then. (Just for the record, accountability is the most important thing for me when trying to lose weight – which Michelle’s program (and checking in with your readers once a week) will offer I am sure. I use Calorie King and my pedometer (I aim for around 15,000 steps a day) – this combination works for me. I think choosing a physical activity you enjoy is key too. I personally enjoy walking with my dog – if you power walk and find some hills, it gets the heart rate up to where it needs to be to lose weight. Good luck, I know you’ll do it ! x


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