Recovery Cold

Recovery is a dish best served cold.

{I wrote this post a few weeks ago.  I’ve been immersed in my recovery and have not wanted to share this yet.  I’m ready now.  A few posts regarding my recovery – from alcoholism, addiction and depression – will be following shortly.  What is important is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. […]

How much are you worth?

How much is one person worth? Such a loaded question. A person is worth a lot, an awful lot. Each of us is worth everything to someone. But I am not sure putting a monetary price on our worth, as is the current trend to justify charging exorbitant fees for a service, is really doing […]



I am returned. A new woman, a changed woman, a stronger woman. I am returned a woman more aware of her essence. I am a returned woman full of awareness, and rawness, and understanding of the lifelong work I have before me. I don’t quite yet know how to find the words that adequately describe […]

The family gathering

I pick up the phone and make the call. “Hey Pumpkin, it’s mom.  Dad and I have something we would like to tell you.  Can you come over at 8:30, just on your own.” Miss J and R have a friend over to stay but this isn’t something I want to tell them.  For now, […]

Letting go, breathing deep

I wake up feeling groggy. Mr C’s alarm goes off.  A new day, a new year, and work begins again. I have not slept well. I have not been sleeping well for the longest time. Late to sleep, early to rise.  Not enough sleep.  By a long margin. I am fatigued, groggy, unproductive. I grab […]

Don’t put baby in a single box!

At the party on New Year’s Eve, I got chatting to a woman who I had met a few times before but whom I didn’t know all that well.  After chatting for a while, she said to me, “You’re such a homemaker! I can tell it comes naturally to you.” The comment took me a […]