How much are you worth?

How much is one person worth? Such a loaded question. A person is worth a lot, an awful lot. Each of us is worth everything to someone. But I am not sure putting a monetary price on our worth, as is the current trend to justify charging exorbitant fees for a service, is really doing […]

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The rambling recesses of my mind

I’ve been going through a thing. And it has been so hard to talk about, to compartmentalise, to rationalise, indeed to live. The thing itself has been harrowing enough, but it is the soul reaching thoughts and feelings that have left me reeling. Mr C and I were watching TV the other night; sometimes I […]

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Dear Mr President, Barack Obama

I have watched in amazement, and with incredulous disbelief, the rise of that odious human being that is Donald Trump.  I have American friends who refer to him as “the one who shall not be named” for fear of giving him even more power than his narcissistic self demands or deserves. I have watched YouTube […]

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Intellectual property is mad

I tiptoe across the internet trying to find some voice of reason. Noise.  Just lots and lots of noise. “That blog copied my blog post!” “They used my photo without my permission!” “They want me to write and not even pay me for it!” “They want my advice for free – how dare they?” “My […]

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