The family gathering

I pick up the phone and make the call. “Hey Pumpkin, it’s mom.  Dad and I have something we would like to tell you.  Can you come over at 8:30, just on your own.” Miss J and R have a friend over to stay but this isn’t something I want to tell them.  For now, […]

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The day I chose sobriety

I sat crying in the passenger seat of my car. I was shaking uncontrollably. Outside, the sun beat down, stifling each breath I took. How did I get to this point? Mr C gently took my hand. “If you aren’t ready, we don’t have to do this today.” I shook my head. No, if I […]

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It’s 3:30am. I’ve been awake since 2:30am. It’s pouring with rain outside and it’s freezing. Whenever it rains at night, especially that hard driving miserable rain, I think of the homeless.  I lay in bed, snuggled under my duvet and blanket and I imagine how awful it must be for them trying to stave off […]