There is always hope

When JC was diagnosed with autism we had no idea what the future may hold but more importantly we had no real structured plan going forward.  We had no idea of what to expect as he would travel through puberty.  I have no idea if this is because he was diagnosed at a hospital more […]

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Shopping and the Status Quo

“Can you hear the dogs?” I open my eyes from a deep sleep.  “I didn’t hear them.” Dee gets out of bed.  I hear him yell at the dogs to go back to sleep.  I wonder why I haven’t heard them.  Am I going deaf?  I really need to phone that specialist. Dee climbs back […]

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The things we do for vanity

After a slow start to the morning, Dee’s dad calls to see if I would like to meet them for coffee.  It is growing into a nice day outside, so I figure why not.  JC said he doesn’t want to go.  Of course not. I get showered and dressed, desperately trying to ignore the growing […]

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