The family gathering

I pick up the phone and make the call. “Hey Pumpkin, it’s mom.  Dad and I have something we would like to tell you.  Can you come over at 8:30, just on your own.” Miss J and R have a friend over to stay but this isn’t something I want to tell them.  For now, […]

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Letting go, breathing deep

I wake up feeling groggy. Mr C’s alarm goes off.  A new day, a new year, and work begins again. I have not slept well. I have not been sleeping well for the longest time. Late to sleep, early to rise.  Not enough sleep.  By a long margin. I am fatigued, groggy, unproductive. I grab […]

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Horace and the train trip to death

I’m on the 2:30 train to Cranbourne. I’ve just met a new friend, Jane, in Melbourne where we spent three lovely hours wandering around the Art of Banksy exhibition followed by a wonderful lunch at Dymocks bookshop. I had vegan shepherds pie accompanied by ginger & lemon tea. I’m feeling tired but also a little […]

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The rambling recesses of my mind

I’ve been going through a thing. And it has been so hard to talk about, to compartmentalise, to rationalise, indeed to live. The thing itself has been harrowing enough, but it is the soul reaching thoughts and feelings that have left me reeling. Mr C and I were watching TV the other night; sometimes I […]

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