How much are you worth?

How much is one person worth? Such a loaded question. A person is worth a lot, an awful lot. Each of us is worth everything to someone. But I am not sure putting a monetary price on our worth, as is the current trend to justify charging exorbitant fees for a service, is really doing […]

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Letting go, breathing deep

I wake up feeling groggy. Mr C’s alarm goes off.  A new day, a new year, and work begins again. I have not slept well. I have not been sleeping well for the longest time. Late to sleep, early to rise.  Not enough sleep.  By a long margin. I am fatigued, groggy, unproductive. I grab […]

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Because that is business

A cloud, a dark cloud, has settled over our house. It isn’t visible, and if you come to visit you will never suspect that it is there, obstructing our view, preventing us from seeing the future, a bright future, a future that fills us with hope. Oh, of course, we have to remain hopeful, for […]

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The chrysalis of life

I’m undergoing a change. It’s been an awfully long time coming.  Slow, like a snail, gliding, unfurling and expanding inside my brain. It feels like I have been in a chrysalis for so long now. As I break my way to the surface, I find myself unsteady, wobbly even, with my new emerging wings. It […]

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