working and longing

Work and longing

And so it has arrived. The relief.  The overwhelming unadulterated release. After 10 months and 4 days of unemployment, Mr C has finally been offered a job. He got the phone call.  I heard him talking.  I knew it was THE call.  After three interviews, we hoped it would be what we wanted to hear. […]

stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness

I wrote a post about gun laws, but I’m not going to post that today.  Another day perhaps, maybe later in the week. The truth is I’m tired. I’m too bogged down with what is going on in my own life, in my immediate vicinity, to make the effort to scream across the water at […]

Because that is business

Because that is business

A cloud, a dark cloud, has settled over our house. It isn’t visible, and if you come to visit you will never suspect that it is there, obstructing our view, preventing us from seeing the future, a bright future, a future that fills us with hope. Oh, of course, we have to remain hopeful, for […]

A view from a bed

View from a bed

I’m in bed.  Recuperating from a hysterectomy. I have a way of downplaying things that happen to me.  I tend to speak about seemingly big things like they aren’t big things at all.  I think if I do this I am in effect minimising the magnitude of what has happened to me. I downplayed my […]

Human Intolerance

Human Intolerance

I stand and watch as the procession of the corpse passes by, his body laying lifeless on the metal trolley.  He must be at least 6 feet tall, his muscular physique a shining mark of a life lived in health.  I wonder what he was like in his prime. His eyes have clouded over and apart from […]